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The FlowFlex Rapid Lateral Flow Test Kit uses the latest patented technology to detect new strains of the COVID-19 virus.

Our test kit is very simple and easy to use and only requires the nasal swab to be inserted 2.5cms into the nostril, unlike other lateral flow rapid tests on the market.

> Antigen Kits Delivered To Your Home
> U.K. Government validated at Public Health England, Porton Down Laboratories
> Detects New Virus Strains
> Next Day Delivery Available & FREE Delivery on orders over £20
> Full Home Test Approval in the UK and EU
> MHRA Registered
> Nasal only lateral flow test
> 98.8% Accuracy
> CE approved and ISO certified
> 2 Year Shelf Life
> Results in 15 Minutes



The FlowFlex Rapid Test Kit uses the latest patented technology in detecting proteins ensuring that it can detect new strains of the COVID-19 virus. Using a simple nasal swab within 2cm of the nose makes it extremely easy to administer an accurate test.

U.K. Government validated at Public Health England, Porton Down Laboratories

The FlowFlex Rapid Test Kit is the most accurate and affordable test on the market to date.

The FlowFlex COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test Kit delivers fast results to show if a person is carrying the COVID-19 virus.

It is easy to use, very affordable and accurately delivers results within 15 minutes, making it extremely suitable for testing large groups of people.

The test has been developed to discover proteins from the COVID-19 virus via nasal swabs.

It is suitable for testing large groups of people, including regular testing of employees, education, healthcare, sports, commercial, retail, travel and care industries.

When Will My Tests Be Delivered?


Delivery can be upgraded at the checkout to:

Royal Mail Track 48 - Aim to deliver in 48 hours if ordered before 2pm, except for Sunday’s - £3

Royal Mail Track 24 - Aim to deliver next day if ordered before 2pm, except for Sunday’s - £6


Please remember that there are no deliveries on bank holidays so your tests will arrive the day after.

Although we try to ensure test are delivered to the timescales above we are at the mercy of Royal Mail/DPD and should there be a delay with Royal Mail deliveries this will affect your delivery date so please leave plenty of time for your tests to arrive.

Why order a COVID test kit online?

It’s a question that by now we are sure many know the answer to, but what’s the harm in reiterating the benefits of buying a COVID lateral flow test online?  

  1. You keep yourself and others safeIf tests are so cheap and easy to purchase, what reason is there not to test for COVID-19? Rapid antigen tests have proven to be a key tool in tackling and controlling the spread of the virus, purely because of how effective they are, and how easy they are to purchase and use. Buying COVID lateral flow tests can help to keep not just you safe, but your friends and family, as well as your wider communities. And who doesn’t want a safer, healthier, happier world?
  2. It’s cheap, quick and easyYou order your LFT testing kit with TestnGo (one of the cheapest multi tests available), it arrives with you in the post (the next day in most cases!) you complete it, and once you take your test you’ll get your accurate results within 15 minutes.
  3. The end of free antigen tests – From 1st April, the government stopped providing free lateral flow test kits to the public. This means that the only way to access antigen testing kits is by purchasing tests from an online retailer, such as TestnGo. Just because free government tests have stopped, it doesn’t mean we should stop testing. Testing keeps you and your loved ones safe, and with plenty of cost-effective options available, testing is still very accessible.
  4. Peace of mind – Waiting for results can be a nightmare, and lead to unending stress, particularly if those results can prevent a holiday, or attendance at an important event. When you purchase rapid antigen testing kits online with TestnGo, you’re taking steps to avoid hassle, stress and those nail-biting close calls. With our fast delivery and simple process, you can be sure that the testing experience is smooth sailing (or perhaps that should be flying?).  

How do I take the lateral flow test?

If you haven’t completed a lateral flow test before, it really is simple.  

Ultimately, you’ll need to take a sample from your nose using the swab included in the kit. The swab is then dipped in a special solution which is then dripped onto the lateral flow test paper pad which will notify you of your results. This generates a reading and your result in just 15 minutes.

Here are some great resources that will provide some further clarity around self-administering lateral flow tests from home:

What will I receive in my testing kit?

Your lateral flow kit will contain the following:

  1. Clear instructions
  2. Nasal swab contained in sterile packet
  3. Rapid test cassette
  4. Plastic tube containing a small amount of pre-mixed solution
  5. Biohazard bag to dispose of your waste

What is the difference between an antigen test kit and a lateral flow test kit?

You may have heard about both antigen test kits and rapid lateral flow test kits and are perhaps wondering what the difference is.  

Well, the simple answer to that is there is no difference between the two!  

Rapid flow test kits and antigen test kits are the same test, so whether you opt for ‘antigen’ or ‘lateral flow’ tests, you can be assured they’ll both give you fast, accurate results from the comfort of your own home.  

How do I interpret my results?

Once you complete the rapid lateral flow test, your results will be ready for you to read within 15 minutes, and it will read as one of the following:

  1. One line next to the CNegative result 
  2. Two lines, one next to the C and one next to the T (these may well be faint)Positive result 
  3. No lines at all, or one line next to the T – The result is void 

My test is positive, what do I do now?

If your rapid antigen test result is positive, you might need to explore next steps to avoid spreading the virus to those around you. You can find useful information about what to do if you test positive for COVID-19 on the NHS website here: 

Are you ordering for a business?

At TestnGo, our lateral flow tests are among the cheapest available, however perhaps you’re looking for bulk tests for your business, organisation or event?

Look no further!  

Testbase is a sister company of TestnGo (not sure if wanna name this or not or just plug Testbase?), and it offers bulk lateral flow testing kits at discounted rates for those that are looking to keep their business and employees safe.  

To find out more, get a fast quote and take the next step to protecting your organisation from the threat of COVID-19 visit the Testbase configurator tool now to start building your COVID testing plan.